Madison Shredding Services

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Our mission is to provide affordable shredding service options for homes and businesses. Security specialists will match you with the right solution based on your volume, type of documents, service level, and budget.

About Madison Shredding Services

Madison Shredding Services partners with local contractors that offer numerous shredding service levels designed to exceed your security needs at reasonable rates:

We will exceed your shredding needs at every service level. Many clients start off as one-time purge but then grow into a monthly service to shred all their daily paper work. We strive to give the most competitive rates around.
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Madison Shredding Services

  • Mobile Shredding - Shredding trucks come to your business and shred all the confidential documents at your Madison location. You can watch the entire process.
  • Off Site Shredding - This is a “pick up” service. Trucks pick up the material at your location and the shredding is done at a secure shredding plant. This service complies with all regulations, including HIPAA and FACTA, but costs less than mobile shredding.
  • Ongoing Service - Daily, weekly, or monthly scheduled shredding service. Secure, locking shred cabinets are provided at no cost.
  • Purge Service - For people who want annual, one-time, or occasional shredding. Costs are based on volume to shred.