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Scanning Your Documents in Madison

The era of the paper document is coming to an end. Businesses across Madison are discovering that the benefits of converting to a paperless office outweigh the price of a document digitizing project.

Wisconsin companies use document scanning to convert records into electronic documents. Once they are in a digital format, documents are a lot easier to manage. If a document is required, it is accessible with a simple computer search. Access to every document can be restricted to specific workers. This secures each document on a need to know basis. Usage must be controlled to prevent workers from selling the secret data of employees and customers. Any record has a usefulness lifetime and an EDM system will automatically eliminate unneeded records.

Create a Document Management Plan

Your files are easy to manage once they are in a digital format. Scan them in Madison.

The first step is to work on a document management plan. Decide how long to keep each type of document. Then decide who requires access to each one. This policy should then be published to each worker.

Second, it is time to clean out all unneeded records. Have anyone who maintains official records clean out documents that should be shredded. Also, provide shredding cans around your office. Have employees go through their personal records with the official document management policy and destroy documents past their usefulness. There is no need to digitize documents that are not needed.

Step three is to figure out which documents are likely to be accessed in the future. The costs of document scanning increase the more often the document is used and shared. If it will never be used again, then just keeping the original document is the superior option. What remains is what you need to scan.

Finally, it is time for the physical act of scanning. You can acquire scanners and assign the work to an employee or temp. You can hire a professional Madison, WI scanning service. If you have a small amount, then using an employee will work. But, as you grow, the number of documents your business generates will dwarf your capacity to do this work in-house.

Madison Shredding Service will help make your digitizing project easy with high-speed scanning equipment and expert employees who handle this work daily. Our partners will index your documents and then shred them following the work.

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